Finally the time of the long-awaited holidays has arrived and we can’t wait to leave for that trip that we have been waiting for a year … But often the holiday period is ruined when we return because we had an unexpected “visit” to our house …
Here are some useful tips to try to avoid unpleasant surprises and make our home a little safer …
The mail:
A mailbox full of letters or newspapers is a clear sign that we haven’t been at home for a few days. Before leaving then, we ask someone you trust, a friend, a neighbor, a relative, to collect our mail regularly so as not to let it accumulate.
Only warn trusted people:
To let the whole world know that we are leaving is not a good thing … so let’s warn only the people we trust and maybe even leave them a spare key so that they can rush in if necessary.
In our digital age even thieves have evolved and therefore more and more often they check if we post photos and / or geolocalizations of holidays in progress.
If we really want to upload the photos of our trip let’s do it on the way back!
Voice mail:
Many people before leaving record a message for the answering machine explaining that they are leaving … Here, let’s avoid it !!!
The default computer message will be fine.
We give the keys to a neighbor whom we trust and ask him to help us not to make our house seem uninhabited, so besides asking the post maybe we ask him to water our plants, to open the windows from time to time and at different times, to keep on the light for a while during the evenings …
Certainly on our return we include one of them for souvenirs!
At this point, perhaps, we can start with less anxiety!