Deciding to sell your home, either privately or through the help of a real estate agency, will involve the entry of people who will have to come and visit it and who will get a clear idea already from the first appointment. This is why, if it is true that the first impression is what counts, we must try to make our home as attractive as possible. This means adopting a series of measures that will help us make it be appreciated by the possible buyer.

Here are some useful tips for this purpose …

If we have entrusted a real estate agency with a mandate, we try to give us advice to follow: the agent is a professional with his own experience and will therefore be able to tell us, seeing our house, the aspects on which to focus.

The first thing to pay attention to will be the ORDER. The visit of a messy house will not leave a positive memory on the potential client: when we know that there will be a visit, then we put everything in its place, we arrange the toys that the children have left scattered here and there etc. … A tidy house immediately gives away a sense of peace to those who see it for the first time.

WE PLACE THAT WHICH DOES NOT: if we have some minor problems, like a leaking sink or a visibly ruined piece of furniture, let’s arrange it before an eventual appointment. This will give the idea of ​​a well-kept and above all well-maintained home for those who live there, which will have a calming effect for those who will have to decide to buy it.

THE CLOU AREAS: The kitchen and the bathroom are the critical points of a house. If we cannot or do not want to make a total restyling, we pay attention to their cleanliness. Changing the shower curtain or the toilet seat, for example, can create a positive impression on the customer.

STRENGTHS: Let’s try to understand what are the strengths of our house and put them in evidence. If for example the house has a good exposure, we let the visitor find all the windows open so as to make the room bright. If instead our strength is a nice terrace, let’s try to arrange it with beautiful plants and flowers so that they feel lived by those who see it.

GARDEN: If our house has a garden, when we have the appointment, let’s worry about cutting the grass, collecting fallen leaves from the trees, arranging flowers and plants, etc. … A well-kept garden, especially if it is the entrance to our house , will immediately give an excellent impression and make those who enter enter at ease.

Last but not least: ODORS … If we have a visit immediately after lunch or if we are preparing dinner, we avoid the smell of what we are cooking at the entrance to the house. We therefore well ventilate the rooms so that they have left before the arrival of our visitor.