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Our projects

Restorations, projects and buildings
Thanks to a network of agreements with companies, technicians as engeneers, architects and geometras we can give you a complete work. Do you want to restore aroom of your home or you have got a landand you want to build your new house but you don’t know from where starting? We can help you in each step. From the project to the necessay docs, from the materials to the works to do. If you want to know more please call us and in the meantime watch some of our works…

Division of a flat into two real estate units

We have realized the three-dimensional version of two apartments created by the division of a large apartment. What comes out is a two-room apartment and a three-room apartment with separate entrances. Starting from the project plan we have created the three-dimensional vision so as to facilitate the client in understanding how the two new solutions will come.