It is finally spring and now we begin to feel the desire to stay outside for a while … and if we have bought a house with a balcony or a terrace we have to start thinking about how to make it cozy in view of the sunny days.
Whether it’s a small balcony or a large terrace, there are many things you can do to fully enjoy this space!
One of the first things to do clearly is to beautify with flowers and plants. However, it will be essential to choose everything based on various factors that should not be underestimated, first and foremost the display of our balcony or terrace. In fact, according to the light that our spaces will take, we will have to choose suitable flowers or plants.
Once we understand the plants to choose we will have to proceed with the organization of the space so as to decide the arrangement of the pots so that, especially if we have a small balcony, they will not bother us. In this case, for example, we could opt for balconies to leave the walkable space free. If, on the other hand, we have a fairly large terrace, we could put planters, maybe round, so as to give the idea of ​​real flower beds.
Furthermore, on a balcony or terrace that respects itself, you can’t miss a comfortable chair and a table to enjoy our coffee breaks and if we have enough space we could put a slightly larger table with more chairs to accommodate even our friends for summer dinners.
Finally, if we want to create an additional “atmosphere” effect, we place lanterns and candles a little here and a little there that we will light up in the evenings of relaxation or with friends.