If we are thinking of renovating our home we could reflect on an aspect to be taken into account and that will be very useful in the future: HOME AUTOMATION
Technically, home automation is the science that deals with studying the technologies to be applied to other systems aimed at improving the quality of life in the home, increasing safety, reducing management costs, etc.
In practice it is a matter of computerizing some or all the electronic parts of the house so that they can be managed more easily and quickly.
Home automation plays a fundamental role in making the equipment, the systems and the systems intelligent. The smart home can in fact be controlled in all its aspects and even remotely when we are not at home. We can do this through close interfaces such as remote controls or remote devices such as mobile smartphones or laptops.
With a good home automation system we will be able to manage our entire house according to our needs simply by setting up mini computers that will be installed inside our home.
Certainly, the costs will have to be evaluated on the basis of what we want to install: there are simpler home automation systems, which manage the basic things whose costs are within everyone’s reach but also much more complex systems for global management whose costs increase greatly. For this reason we will have to be advised by our technicians and by the trusted company that will carry out the renovation works.
Here are some examples of use of home automation:
. automatic coordination of appliance operation
. Isolation and automatic protection in the event of a storm
. automatic operation of air conditioning based on the detection of people
. detection of events such as gas leaks or fires
. autonomous closing or opening of the external blinds (in case of wind or when the sun comes)
. power failure complete with technical islands (tv group, decoder etc … or electrical outlets etc …) on command or automatically at night or when there is nobody at home
In short, as you can see, there can be many uses of home automation that will make our home more and more intelligent.