At the table prepared according to the rules of etiquette, the centerpiece certainly cannot be missing, indeed it is a must. But what to put? Even this “accessory” has some very specific rules that will have to be followed in order not to run into problems that could ruin your dinner or lunch.
On the market you can find the most disparate centerpieces in shape and material, some even ready and do it yourself, but remember that the first rule to follow is that they are coordinated with the rest of the elements present and the second rule is that they will not have to prevent the conversation between the diners. For this reason centerpieces that are too big and above all tall will be banned, so much so as to prevent even seeing each other between two people sitting frontally. In the case of long rectangular tables then, it will be good to use more centerpieces that, although not equal, have an element in common and in an equidistant position between them.
Certainly the most suitable and used element is the flowers but even here we will have to be careful in choosing them. In addition to size we will also have to think about the smell that should not be too strong to avoid bothering guests during the meal. It would then be correct to ask our guests for the existence of some particular allergies so as not to incur in unpleasant incidents that cause very little reactions.
An alternative idea and more and more used lately, is the use of candles also as a centerpiece, especially for an evening event whose effect would heat the environment. The same rules of flowers apply to candles too. We avoid candles that are too large or too tall for the same reasons and we avoid scented candles that give off too annoying smells while eating. Yes, however, with colored candles but with neutral odors.