Choosing the right menu for every occasion can prove to be a very difficult operation as it will be necessary to take into account some fundamental rules that etiquette imposes also in these cases.
The first rule to follow is to know, in advance, if one or more guests have any problems in eating certain foods. It could in fact be allergies, intolerances, special diets, religious dictates or even simple food tastes. In all these cases, therefore, it will be good to study a menu that does not include “forbidden” foods.
A second rule of etiquette to follow will be to create a certain harmony and variety with regard to the dishes: in most cases in fact it will not be necessary to use the same food for two or more dishes as well as the same type of cooking unless we have organized a themed dinner: in this case, however, the etiquette requires notifying the guests so as to prevent them from being in the situation of not eating anything during the meal.
Important during the evening will also be the times that must be previously organized: it will not be nice to see the lady of the house spending too much time in the kitchen, escaping the table and diners.
How many and which serving do you serve? In addition to some appetizers we could serve only one first but a double second, perhaps one of meat and one of fish, with as many side dishes. Finally to finish the meal we could serve cheeses, fruit and desserts: the latter should not be a cake, reserved only for special occasions, but a dessert with a spoon.
A couple of last tips: we try to prepare a menu with seasonal and local foods that will make us follow the rules of bon ton of proper education for the environment that surrounds us. Finally: we never cook things we’ve never cooked before. This is not the chance to experiment!