Being more and more followed as a food lifestyle choice, being a vegan is now more common than you might think. But if we are vegans and we have dinner guests we know how to be omnivorous, how to do it?

We can cook what we want from we must remember that:
– If our guests are not vegans it is not that they came to us to be convinced that vegan is beautiful!
So let’s avoid talking about how bad the meat is, how bad the eggs of hens raised in battery etc are … Rather let’s have fun and maybe avoid the topic of food!
– Fruit is good, citrus fruits too, but are we sure everyone wants to eat with extracts and centrifuges?
We all know how good the fruit is, the power of vitamins and the richness of the minerals it contains, but not everyone lives by this and so we avoid making centrifuges and extracting the mainframe of the drinks from our meal. We put at the table anyway water and good wine, leaving our guests the choice of what to sip.
– Tofu cheese, seitan salami and salad of seitan sprouts
We call things by their name: tofu is tofu and it will never be a cheese. So let’s just call it tofu, maybe our guests will feel less “cheated” and will eat it with more pleasure.

But above all … let’s not list the organic fabrics we just bought, why the table is in that position in the room etc …

The trick to getting along during a dinner with omnivores is … don’t talk about food! Nobody loves people fixed, even if it is fixed with health, well-being and organic food!