Once the table is set, you will have to worry about the allocation of seats for which the etiquette requires very strict rules: depending on the number of guests, their office, their social prestige but also the shape of the table, you will need to follow certain positions to avoid incurring bad figures. Here are some tips …

The hosts will have to sit at the head of the table with the woman closest to the door of the dining room, while the other guests will have to be accommodated following the alternation of the sexes remembering to have the woman and the man seated to the right of the hosts. honor of the evening.
The alternation of the sexes is one of the main rules of assigning a seat at the table, but what to do if the number of guests is odd? If there are three diners, the arrangement will depend on the disposition of the unmatched person: if it is a single man, he will have to sit to the right of the landlady, on the contrary a nubil woman will sit at the right hand of the landlord. If instead it will be a single woman to invite this she will have not the man but the woman on her right.
And if the table is round? Also in this case the rules of etiquette must be followed. The most coveted and important places, therefore, since there is no head of the table, will be those with more light, with their backs to the wall, and therefore, with the best view. Also in this case the hostess will have to sit as close as possible to the door of the room, in order to be able to go to the kitchen without disturbing and annoying the others.