We continue our journey to discover the various styles of furniture to better understand, once we have purchased a house, which reflects more and therefore which to choose for us.
This article will focus on RUSTIC STYLE. A typical style of the houses immersed in the countryside, in the greenery, perhaps even of ancient restored farmhouses, but if we want, with due care, we can also use it in the apartments especially in the historic centers. Typical of many Tuscan and Umbrian dwellings, it then spread like wildfire wherever there is potential.
In this style, a lot of play has the covering materials that are very characteristic and that we also find in the details and in the furniture.
From wood to stone, from iron to terracotta to curtain fabrics: some small tricks and a rustic style can immediately give us a warm and elegant atmosphere.
The floors will therefore be characterized by terracotta tiles and ceilings with wooden beams, the walls will be in stone and the arches adorned with bricks, while wrought iron will be the protagonist of the railings, of the table bases, of the chandeliers in the living area and of the grilles. windows.
A lot of games will also be played such as candles, lamps and lanterns scattered here and there, vases with flowers (preferably fresh, especially if you live in the countryside). Each room will have its characteristic furniture and therefore, for example, in the kitchen you cannot miss a cupboard or display case with cups and services in plain sight, plate racks, cutting boards and wicker baskets in which to put the fruit. In the rooms, instead, a beautiful restored chest or the grandmother’s old trunk, pillows on the beds and in the bathroom pots of highly fragrant potricri will be a must.
ATTENTION: the danger of this style could be the lack of light in the rooms due to the dark colors of the materials and the wooden furniture. We therefore study perfect lighting that restores brightness to the rooms.