By now we have bought our new house and we have to start furnishing it. And now comes the beauty!
Unless we are experts and / or furniture enthusiasts we may need help. So we have two choices that can be made: rely on an architect, the modern interior designer, or do everything yourself … Of course, the first choice is the most convenient but certainly the most expensive in terms of economy and therefore, if we want to save a little we must begin to understand how to do it ourselves.
It seems simple but it is not … The style that we decide will reflect very much who we are and so it will also be important to choose it carefully so as to transmit a bit ‘of us when we welcome guests but above all to feel it really ours in living it daily and not tiring after a short time .
Here then a series of styles of furniture, some very famous and others less, that will give us a hand in this choice, always remembering that each of them has very specific rules.
Let’s start in this article to see the SHABBY CHIC style.
One of the most popular and beloved styles of recent years is certainly Shabby chic.
Born in the United States, it mainly consists of reusing old furniture in a new and creative way. Neutral tones and floral fabrics, bright rooms and references to the French countryside are the key elements of this style. A furniture with a casual look but at the same time very studied and attentive to details. Simple and elegant, it remains a warm and welcoming style.
Indispensable retro-style accessories such as cups, squares, jars and forbidden lines are too harsh and geometric.
A return to simplicity with a romantic note of other times given by little hearts hanging here and there, flowers with pinkish colors and floral patterns like the old grandma’s curtains.
A style applicable both to interiors and exteriors.
WARNING: the danger of this style, if not well dosed, is that it becomes very pompous, excessively pink and too feminine, which could soon be tiring.