We finally bought our new home … but is it much smaller than we would have liked? No fear for furnishing … of course, furnishing a small house is a real challenge but with the right precautions it is not absolutely impossible and in the end, it could also be surprising !!!
Here are some useful and practical tips so that it can be beautiful, practical and functional.
To leave space in which to walk we try to make the most of the walls, which especially if you have chosen a historic apartment has high ceilings. Therefore, hanging furniture and shelves are ideal without weighing down the spaces and will also give a sense of order, which is very important in small rooms.
We prefer minimal and above all linear furnishings. They will also give a sense of order that does not hurt. But above all they will also give greater visual breadth giving the idea of ​​larger spaces. If we then choose them with a glossy finish, they will help reflect the light even more.
Multifunctional furniture is definitely the most recommended. So away to the transformable furniture that will offer us maximum compositional flexibility, maximum functionality with minimum space. Objects able to respond to different needs will be the top for our mini apartment.
The mirrors have the ability to increase the brightness of the spaces and help to create a feeling of greater volume, fundamental in a small house. We could also think, for example, of a whole mirror wall! Even a fine art mural could be useful to give depth to the living area, for example.
It seems obvious but we must also reflect on the contribution that colors can give us. A total white would therefore be very suitable, or if we do not feel it, we choose soft and neutral colors that do not weigh down the environments and reflect natural and / or artificial light
A good lighting system will be a truly effective tool for creating larger and more comfortable environments without sacrificing the space available. Yes to lamps on the walls with bright lights and maybe reflecting on mirrors. Chandeliers with more lights if you have high ceilings.
Many are in fact the tricks that will help us to better enhance our house without having to make too many sacrifices or without feeling suffocated.
ATTENTION: An important tip, however, is what we absolutely must not do: we do not fill the house with superflous objects or bulky and over-worked furniture. They will help make our home look even smaller.