If we have decided to spend Easter at home inviting our friends for the classic traditional breakfast or perhaps for a lunch, we need a perfect table to welcome them.
Decorating the Easter table is really easy, whether we are passionate about DIY but even if we are not, we could create a beautiful and cheerful table.
The first thing however is to decide the style we want to adopt and maybe we can choose it based on the style of our house.
ROMANTIC STYLE: If we have a house in this style we could also bring it back to our Easter table. It will be very simple and it will be enough to choose pastel colors and seasonal flowers such as peach or almond branches that are already in bloom at this time. In any case it will be good to choose flowers that grow upwards to give an extra touch of elegance. For the tablecloth we will choose one with soft tones. The dishes would be better to choose white and rounded so as to make the effect more harmonious.
SHABBY CHIC STYLE: And if for our home we have opted for the very fashionable shabby chic style, why not call it up for the Easter table too? It will be very simple …
First of all, off to the tablecloth, especially if we have a nice wooden table and opt for placemats, perhaps in cotton and with lace at the edges or a nice table runner, all in soft colors ranging from powder pink to white, from beige to taupe . The napkins must be white so as not to create too much chromatic detachment. For the dishes instead we can choose the color and maybe it would be nice also one different from the other, to recall the love for recovery typical of this style. If we have chosen this the colored dishes but we try to rebalance with glasses that must be in transparent glass or in any case simple and in basic chlorine.
The decorations that recall the event like colored eggs and bunnies will not be missing.
POP STYLE: For a pop style, the table must include bright and vivid colors. We place a nice riser with colorful eggs and flowers on it or some metallic bunny. For linen choose it clear and instead we dare for the colored napkin rings that will be the contrast.
ELEGANT STYLE: Finally, if we have decided to invite special guests, our table must certainly be elegant. At this point we don’t load too much the table with too bright decoration but we opt for the white color, maybe a beautiful linen tablecloth with strictly combined tocaglioli. The “good” service made of crystal glasses and porcelain plates is mandatory. Finally, we decorate the table with a beautiful composition of seasonal flowers and use decorated eggs as a placeholder.
Ah, whatever style you choose, don’t forget a nice centerpiece that can be made by our trusted florist, or with us with a nice riser with eggs and bunnies or a simple vase of fresh flowers, of course this can’t be missing!