The modern style was born of a revolution in the world of architecture when, between the two wars, the concepts and design and aesthetic criteria were rethought. Style becomes the essence of the functionality of spaces and furnishings, in other words we discover the need for every designed space to have the best possible utility.
The link between beauty and purpose therefore becomes indispensable: nothing can be beautiful if it is not functional. The materials used are simple, often bright and shiny. The spaces are calibrated between open space and furnishings and the colors tend to be neutral or dark but always solid.
Modern style is perhaps the most adaptable style of all, precisely because the prevailing concept is functionality and therefore it becomes not very restrictive on aesthetics which creates many facets that make it suitable for everyone.
What makes a modern home? Simple and linear lines and shapes, brightness, glossy or transparent surfaces, white and solid colors, quality instead of quantity, technology for a smart home!
ATTENTION: the danger of modern style if not well measured could be the coldness of the environments. The use of white, the lack of details that are often hidden, such as furniture handles, transparencies and shiny surfaces, if not well dosed can be cold and aseptic.