When you decide to buy house is not enough going on internet and starting to visit real estate websites for days! This way should be long and difficult!!!
When we decide to buy house, the first thing to do is reflecting about our starting point and starting to make us questions to understand our situattion. The first thing to understand is how we want to proceed according to our economical situation: so that if we want to buy cash or with a mortgage.
After that we have to understand and clarify the answer we gave us.
BUYING CASH means understand also our budget for this investment. If this money comes from our savings, we have clear our plan. But, on the contrary, if the money come from the selling of another house of ours we have to proceed in a different way.
To better decide our budget in this case, the first thing is knowing how much we will realize from the sale. For that reason you should let make an estimation by professional people of the house we want to sell.
Now, we should have an idea, more or less, of our future budget to buy our new home.