Looking for our new home fully knowing our needs will help us to find the best solution for us and above all faster and with less waste of energy.
Once the financial element has been clarified, we must begin to understand WHAT HOUSE WE WANT to find. We should ask ourselves a series of questions whose answers will help us to identify the product to be found.
First we must identify the city and / or the area that interests us, to narrow down the search area. If we do not know the area well then it will be necessary to start taking information about the quality of life and the services in relation to our needs. If, for example, we are a family, it will be appropriate to see schools for our children, places of aggregation and sport, etc.
Then we have to ask what type we would like to have, especially in relation to the budget we have defined. If we like the countryside we could opt for an independent solution, if instead we want to stay in the center our future home could be an apartment. Even the size of the property has its importance especially in relation to the environment so as to meet the needs of our family.
We could also ask ourselves if we would like a new house or to be restored to make it like us more. So we draw up a list of priorities and features that are essential for us and then on the basis of these we begin to see real estate. Answering these questions will not waste time seeing houses that we already know are not suitable for us