Once we have clear the investment methods and the product we are looking for, the most active phase of our research begins: deciding how to proceed. Do we do everything ourselves or do we rely on an EXPERT AND QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL?
Certainly doing everything by yourself could seem the simplest, quickest and cheapest solution. But are we really sure?
Buying a house always requires a lot of attention, to avoid future unpleasant surprises, especially in the previous checks a possible commitment to purchase. It is in fact necessary to carry out a series of investigations that only experts in the field can do.
“So I have my notary of trust” we tell ourselves … and instead the notary is not enough.
The notary, in fact, is not responsible for the regularity of the house from an urban point of view … he will only verify the provenance of the last 20 years and the authenticity of the parties.
“I speak to a technician then”. Right and already better, but the coach will not follow you until the act. He will only check the urban part …
In short, if we want to be 100% assisted in all the phases before and until the deed we should turn to QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS, who, with their experience and their study can control in every aspect the regularity of the deal that we are going to do.
In fact, an ENABLED PROFESSIONAL will know that the aspects to be verified relate to the origin of the property, the urban regularity to avoid buying an illegal property, the cadastral regularity and above all will follow us until the day of the deed. In fact, it will be with us even before the notary when we have to put the final signature.
All of this will have cost us the real estate agent’s fee, but it will have guaranteed us some bad surprises in the future and we could sleep peacefully in our new home.